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Building Schedule of Works

Free and flexible templates for you to download

You will need Microsoft Execl to use and modify these documents. Just click on the picture to download the required file, then save it to your relevant folder.


Template No.1 Basic Timber Frame Schedule of Works upto 22 weeks

Schedule of Works Template

How to use the Schedule of Work Template

Free and Flexible Downloadable Templates

Simply choose a schedule that best suits your needs, see the top left menu for templates and examples, download the document (windows excel required) and save it as scheuleofworksyoursite to your relevant file. Then you can modify and insert your information as required, a basic grasp of excel is helpful but it couldn't be simpler to add your details. The highlighted cells will need the site details and dates added, together with the extra rows changed or removed were necessary. The blocks next to the correlated build programme can now be filled in. Select the blocks were required and fill the colour with your choice, different colours can be used for different trades and works or a uniform colour used throughout. The cells are separated into weeks with each week separated in half to enable more accurate planning. Please see the examples for how your completed Schedule of Works should look. More Schedule of works templates showing different and more detailed applications will be added together with different schedule of works options to enable you to customise to your business or practice. Please check back for updates, or you can bookmark this page